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Sewing Foot
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Sewing Foot

Introduce a specialty sewing foot of many varieties to your sewing machine accessories to broaden the applications you can perform with your sewing machine. Different sewing feet not only increase your creativity, they also heighten the sewing challenge. Whether you snap on a pintuck sewing foot or you need to screw on a darning sewing foot, the Sew Shop has a large selection of sewing feet to expand your sewing project horizons. The Sew Shop also carries the standard sewing foot for a number of manufacturers to replace your existing sewing foot.

While its ability to hold fabric tight and in place is its most basic application, a sewing foot comes in a variety of sizes and functions. Whether you need a high shank with a narrow sewing machine foot or a sewing machine foot with a slant ankle often depends on your manufacturer and the model of your sewing machine. With specialty sewing feet, your sewing projects don't have to be limited by the sewing foot your sewing machine came with. If your garment incorporates fringe, cord, or even pearl strands, you can do it all with a switch of the sewing foot. 

  A sewing foot is made in several different styles and types depending upon the brand of sewing machine: 
singer repair foot, feet singer
  • Low Shank Vertical Needle Wide Snap-On Sewing Foot with push button release
  • Low Shank Vertical Needle Narrow Snap-On Sewing Foot
  • Singer Slant Shank Snap-On Sewing Foot
  • Singer Quantum Shank Snap-On with push button release
  • High Shank Vertical Needle Presser Foot
Each of the following feet can be found in one of the mounting styles above:

The sewing feet listed above are a small sample of all the sewing foot types available. Create the exact sewing design details your sewing projects require with the various sewing feet available.

Not sure which sewing foot does what? The sewing feet experts at the Sew Shop can explain the different varieties and show you how to install your new sewing foot.

Get acquainted with the Sew Shop's experts and you'll know where to bring your sewing machine when it's time for a tune-up or repair. Does your needle keep breaking or is the thread getting stuck? Bring it in and our technicians will gladly uncover the problem and get you on to your next sewing project in no time.

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For our Singer sewing machine owners, if you're having trouble determining the date your sewing machine was released from the factory, consult our helpful Date Your Singer Sewing Machine chart.

Expand the sewing functions of your sewing machine with a variety of sewing feet for various sewing applications. Come to one of our local sewing centers or call the Sew Shop at
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. For our online customers, feel free to call us or use the convenient contact form below to submit any sewing foot questions you may have.

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